February 27, 2020

Snow Removal

If you're looking here then winter must be upon us.

This is a friendly reminder that the Village of Elm Grove has a Village Ordinance that you expected to follow.

The Ordinance states that you are responsible for informing your snow removal contractor that they are not allowed to plow snow onto the Village streets and leave it. If they move snow from your property into the street in the process of clearing your drive and walkways, they are responsible for clearing the street before they leave. You must keep all right of ways clear for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

And, as a matter of common courtesy, please inform them that they are not allowed to plow this snow on to someone else's property. In the past, this has caused unnecessary lawn damage and delayed the spring thaw. We all have enough snow to deal with and unless a neighbor requests that additional snow be piled up in their yard for their children to play to please refrain from this practice.

Thank you for keeping the right of ways cler for all to enjoy our winter wonderland! Have a safe and happy winter.

Landscape Policies

In process of being finalized.
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